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ONE Championship: A New Era live stream, results, discussion, play by play

Live, blow-by-blow updates for today’s ONE Championship event, where UFC champs Demetrious Johnson and Eddie Alvarez make their promotional debuts.

Join us today on Bloody Elbow for live results, discussion, round scoring, and play-by-play as ONE Championship: A New Era kicks off from Tokyo, Japan.

Former UFC champions Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson and Eddie Alvarez are slated to make their respective ONE debuts on this main card. Also on the billing, four titles will be up for grabs. Eduard Folayang and Shinya Aoki compete for the lightweight belt in their main event rematch. Looking to become a two-division champion, ONE atomweight champion Angela Lee challenges Jingnan Xiong for her strawweight belt. Before that, two-division champ Aung La Nsang defends his middleweight crown in a rematch with Ken Hasegawa. Kevin Belingon is set to defend his bantamweight belt in his rubber match with former champ Bibiano Fernandes. Opening up the main card will be a kickboxing rematch between legends Andy Souwer and Yodsanklai Iwe.

ONE Championship: A New Era takes place this Sunday, March 31, and will air live on the ONE Championship app and B/R Live at 5:30 A.M. ET. The prelims will begin at 2:30 A.M. ET and will stream live at the top of this page.

Main card:

  • Eduard Folayang vs. Shinya Aoki 2: Lightweight Title

Round 1:

Head kick from Aoki is blocked. And another. Inside leg kick scores for Folayang. Quick right hand partially lands for Folayang. Aoki goes back to the head kick. The fighters clash heads. Aoki shoots in and clinches against the fence. Folayang knees the body. Aoki gets the bodylock takedown. Aoki attacks with an arm triangle. Aoki adjusts and keeps squeezing. Folayang is unconscious!!! Aoki wins the lightweight belt!

Shinya Aoki def. Eduard Folayang by submission (Arm Triangle) at 2:34 of round 1

  • Jingnan Xiong vs. Angela Lee: (W) Strawweight Title

Round 1-

Le presses forward. Jingnan connects with a two-piece. Jingnan throws a flurry. Lee clinches and knees the body. Another knee scores for Lee. Jingnan gives up a body lock takedown. Punches to the face land for Lee from side control. Jingnan kicks Lee away to the standing position. Lee takes the front head lock and lands a couple of knees to the head. They exchange knees to the body before breaking apart. Body cross lands for Jingnan. Lee clinches up agin. Jingnan fends off the throw attempt and returns to open space. Lee steps in with a one-two but is backed off with a blitz from Jingnan. Overhand right scores for Jingnan, and then another.

10-9 Jingnan

Round 2-

Lee pressed forward and was met with a flurry of punches. Lee clinches up again against the fence. They exchange knees to the midsection. Inside leg kick connects for Lee and an outside one lands for Jingnan. A one-two misses for Lee. Push kick lands for Jingnan. Lee lands a leg kick and enters the clinch. A set of knees to the leg score for Jingnan. She shucks off the takedown attempt of Lee and frees herself. Body kick misses for Lee and a jab-cross misses for Jingnan. They trade leg kicks. A left-right lands to the face for Jingnan. A leg kick lands for Lee. A set of left hands land for Lee.

10-9 Jingnan

Round 3-

Lee lands a knee to the body but eats a hook to the face. Lee clinches and they exchange knees. A set of left hands land to the face of Jingnan. Lee pulls off a body lock takedown into the full guard. Jingnan throws up an armbar attempt and uses it to stand up.Lee stays attached and gets another takedown. Jingnan is back to her feet. Knee to the midsection lands for Lee. Teep for Jingnan. A set of left-right combos are blocked. Spinning back kick lands for Jingnan. Leg kick to left hand, followed by a flurry get through for Jingnan. She blitzes and connects with several clean punches to the face of Lee. Jingnan blitzes again, missing at first but finds her range and starts connecting. Lee clinches up and knees the body a couple of times.

10-9 Jingnan

Round 4-

Lee tags Jingnan with a flush cross and the blasts a takedown. Jingnan locks up the half guard, and then gains the full guard. A barrage of ground strikes score for Lee. She moves into side control. Lee attacks an arm as Jingnan exposes her back. Lee has a triangle and works for the arm but Jingnan refuses to tap. Lee starts punching the face and then goes for the arm again. Jingnan steps over. Time runs out.

10-9 Lee

Round 5-

Jingnan starts bombing with hooks. Body kick lands for Jingnan. Another flurry is thrown by Jingnan with one of the punches wobbling Lee. Fatigue seems to have set in for Lee. Jingnan keeps bombing. A body cross hurts Lee. Jingnan starts kicking the body. Lee is hurt again and turns her back. Jingnan pours it on and the referee stops the fight! What a finish!

Jingnan Xiong def. Angela Lee by TKO (Body Shots) at 1:37 of round 5

  • Aung La Nsang vs. Ken Hasegawa: Middleweight Title

Round 1-

The fighters exchange body kicks. Nsang misses with a head kick. They exchange body kicks again. A left-right is blocked by Hasegawa. Nsang presses forward and blocks a high kick. Body kick cracks for Nsang. Hasegawa pumps the jab. They exchange body kicks again. Jab scores for Hasegawa. A set of two-pieces connect for Nsang. Hasegawa continues to fight off of his backfoot. A right cross floors Hasegawa!!! Hasegawa pops right back up and clinches up against the cage. Back in open space Nsang misses with a major uppercut. Hasegawa blocks a head kick.

10-9 Nsang

Round 2-

Hasegawa shoots in but Nsang sprawls. Lead hook misses for Hasegawa. Nsang blocks a body kick. Body cross connects for Nsang. Right hand lands for Hasegawa. Nsang partially lands with a head kick. Then again. Hasegawa connects with a three punch combo. Then a two-piece scores for Hasegawa. Nsang cracks with a body kick. Hasegawa returns a left hand that hits the mark. Lead uppercut lands for Hasegawa. A set of body kicks are absorbed by Hasegawa, resulting in nasty welts to the rib cage. Hasegawa fails at a takedown and locks up a standing arm triangle. Nsang escapes and throws an elbow. BOOM! A right hand blasts Hasegawa and drops him. Nsang goes in for the finish with ground strikes. Its over!

Aung La Nsang def. Ken Hasegawa by TKO at 4:41 of round 2

  • Kevin Belingon vs. Bibiano Fernandes: Bantamweight Title

Round 1-

Fernandes feints with the hands before shooting a single leg. Belingon explodes to the back and unloads a barrage of right hands. Fernandes frees himself and lands a right cross. Leg kick scores for Belingon. Spinning back kick connects for Belingon. Inside leg kick connects for Belingon and Fernandes whiffs a hook. Fernandes blasts a right hand that rocks Belingon! Fernandes goes in for the kill. A barrage of rights and lefts come flying in and he briefly drops Belingon. Fernandes pours it on but then takes top position in half guard. Fernandes takes full mount, and then the back. Time runs out.

10-9 Fernandes

Round 2-

Leaping left hook lands for Belingon. He feints the jab and lands an inside leg kick. Hard leg kick lands to the outside thigh of Fernandes. Then an inside leg kick scores. Fernandes returns an outside leg kick. Another spinning back kick lands to the belly of Fernandes. Belingon connects with a set of right hands. Another spinning kick grazes Fernandes. Leg kick misses for Fernandes and then an overhand right misses. Both fighters whiff overhand rights. Left hook hit its mark for Fernandes followed by a successful takedown. Fernandes advances to half guard.

10-9 Belingon

Round 3-

Fernandes pumps the jab. Right hand misses for Belingon. Fernandes shoots a single leg and gets it. An illegal elbow to the back of the head lands for Belingon, causing a lengthy pause to the action. Fernandes can not continue and Belingon is disqualified.

Bibiano Fernandes def. Kevin Belingon by disqualification (Illegal Elbow) in round 3

  • Demetrious Johnson vs. Yuya Wakamatsu: Flyweight World Grand Prix quarter-final

Round 1-

Right uppercut misses for Wakamatsu. DJ closes the distance and enters the clinch. Short knees score for DJ. They break apart. Head kick partially lands for DJ. Cross connects followed by a takedown attempt for DJ. Wakamatsu sprawls but DJ remains attached. Wakamatsu stuffs takedown and lands on top. DJ stands up. Head kick just misses for Wakamatsu. Body cross to knee to the body scores for DJ. Wakamatsu returns a knee to the body against the cage. Inside leg kick hit the mark for DJ. Right uppercut to left Hook sends DJ retreating momentarily. DJ blasts a double leg and moves to side control. Wakamatsu explodes up to his feet.

10-9 Johnson

Round 2-

DJ throws leg kick and Wakamatsu lands hard cross. Wakamatsu gets aggressive but DJ scores double leg. Wakamatsu stands up but DJ takes the back. DJ attacks the choke and uses it to take full mount. DJ elects to take side control. Left elbow connects for DJ. A pair of knees to the head score for DJ before he locks in a guillotine. DJ cranks and Wakamatsu taps!

Demetrious Johnson def. Yuya Wakamatsu by submission (Guillotine) at 2:40 of round 2

  • Eddie Alvarez vs. Timofey Nastyukhin: Lightweight World Grand Prix quarter-final

Round 1-

They touch gloves. Head kick blocked by Alvarez. Cross lands for Nastyukhin. Head kick misses but leg kick connects for Nastyukhin. Right hand misses for Alvarez. Cross hook misses for Nastyukhin. and again. Cross connects for Alvarez. Straight right knows down Alvarez as Alvarez throws a kick. Left head kick misses then a right one misses for Nastyukhin. Left hook tags Nastyukhin. Up-kick whiffs for Alvarez. Body cross hits for Alvarez. Left-right-left hook wobbles Alvarez! Nastyukhin flurries. Right-left-right connects again. Alvarez curls up. Another right lands for Nastyukhin and Alvarez drops! A single ground strike lands for Nastyukhin and the referee steps in. WHOA!!!

Timofey Nastyukhin def. Eddie Alvarez by TKO at 4:05 of round 1

  • Andy Souwer vs. Yodsanklai Iwe (Kickboxing Bout)

Round 1-

Right hand drops Souwer right away! Souwer meets the count. Inside leg kick from Souwer. Yodsanklai misses with another right hand. One-two to outside leg kick scores for Souwer. Left hand to right hook connects for Yodsanklai. Souwer feints a jab and lands outside leg kick. Yodsanklai accidentally teeps Souwer in the cup. Body kick of Yodsanklai is blocked. Yodsanklai blitzed with a flurry of alternating hands.

10-8 Yodsanklai

Round 2-

Yodsanklai drops Souwer with a jab but the referee does not step in before Souwer stands back up. Souwer lands inside and outside leg kick. Yodsanklai drops Souwer again with a left right combo. Souwer makes the count and the fight resumes. Right hand lands for Souwer. Yodsanklai responds with an stiff right hand that floors Souwer yet again. Souwer just misses making the count.

Yodsanklai Iwe def. Andy Souwer by KO at :51 of round 2

Main card live stream (Non-U.S. viewers):

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