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UFC Philadelphia video highlights: Justin Gaethje starches Edson Barboza

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Check out the full fight video highlights of Justin Gaethje destroying Edson Barboza in the UFC Philadelphia main event.

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The UFC’s #8 ranked lightweight Justin Gaethje just destroyed the #6 ranked Edson Barboza in just half-a-round in the UFC Philadelphia main event. The warriors exchanged brutal leg kicks to start off the match, and then Gaethje brought the hands out. A hard flurry had rocked Barboza, sending him backpedaling to the fence. Barboza seemed to have recovered, but when circling out, a leaping right hand connected from Gaethje. The stinging blow separated Barboza from his senses and zero followup was required to get the win. This was bananas!

Check out Tim Burke’s play-by-play of Justin Gaethje’s destruction of Edson Barboza:

Round 1 - Leg kick from Gaethje. Another. Barboza fires back with two of his own. Gaethje with a right. They’re brawling. Barboza is hurt! Gaethje moves in and clinches. It looks like Gaathje landed a punch to the eye. Barboza is visibly bothered by it. Gaethje with a short shot in the clinch. He misses with a home run shot on the break. Gaethje wades in and get clipped. They’re throwing down in the phone booth again! This is already what everyone expected. Gaethje with more leg kicks. Right hook and Barboza is out! JUSTIN GAETHJE!

Justin Gaethje defeated Edson Barboza via KO (right hook), 2:30 of round 1