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UFC Philadelphia results: Justin Gaethje knocks out Edson Barboza with one punch

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Justin Gaethje just knocked out Edson Barboza in the UFC Philadelphia main event.

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In the UFC Philadelphia main event, the promotion’s #8 ranked lightweight Justin Gaethje rocked the #6 ranked Edson Barboza early on, and then proceeded to knock him out with a single right hand at the midpoint of the opening round. Gaethje has now knocked out all three of his UFC victims, and has still yet to see some scorecards within the promotion. What will be next for ever-exciting and heavy handed Gaethje?

The fighters exchanged heavy leg kicks to open up the bout. Then, Gaethje rocked his opponent with a flurry of punches. An accidental eye poke came from Gaethje but the referee didn’t see it and they fought on. As Barboza was looking to circle off of the cage, Gaethje followed him and landed a leaping right hand that knocked Barboza out cold. What a shot!

Justin Gaethje def. Edson Barboza by KO at 2:30 of round 1: Lightweight