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Conor McGregor officially cleared from UFC 223 bus attack case

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Newly-retired UFC fighter Conor McGregor has been officially cleared from all charges stemming from his UFC 223 bus attack in Brooklyn in April 2018.

Former UFC champion and newly-retired fighter Conor McGregor can cross off one legal problem off his list. On Thursday, his attorney Bruce Maffeo presented proof via MMAjunkie stating that “The Notorious” had “fulfilled the terms of a plea agreement” for his UFC 223 bus attack case in Brooklyn in April 2018.

This means that McGregor will be cleared of all charges and that he will not be carrying a criminal record from disorderly conduct, which he pleaded guilty to last July to avoid jail time.

Early this month, he completed his mandated five-day church service in Brooklyn as one of the sanctions.

With the Brooklyn bus attack case now put to bed, McGregor still has two legal troubles to deal with: his strong-armed robbery charges for allegedly smashing a fan’s phone outside a hotel in Miami, and his purported sexual assault case in Ireland, which only came to light on mainstream media early this week.

McGregor has since announced his retirement from mixed martial arts competition for the second time in his career, a move which Chael Sonnen believes could be connected to the sexual assault case and possibly tarnishing the UFC’s image.