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Tyron Woodley: My resumé alone warrants me an immediate rematch against Kamaru Usman

Former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley believes he has done enough in his career and championship reign to merit an immediate title rematch.

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It’s been a while since Tyron Woodley looked as vulnerable as he did on Saturday night against Kamaru Usman. “The Chosen One” was outwrestled and badly hurt, which eventually led to his first taste of defeat in nearly five years.

Throughout the build-up of the fight, Woodley never perceived Usman as a real threat to him. Now that all is said and done and the title has changed hands, his sentiments remain the same.

“I said it a long time ago. If I had to give him an attribute, it’s his composure for a fighter who hasn’t fought a long time,” Woodley said during his post-fight presser. “He kept that composure, he stayed through the game plan, he took his time, he was patient. It just wasn’t a good night for me.”

UFC officials immediately came up with the decision to have Usman defend his title against Colby Covington, who had stirred up a lot of noise during fight week. Woodley, however, believes he should get the immediate rematch.

“We know what I’m capable of. I’d just love a rematch and run that back,” he said. “That was my fifth title defense. I feel like as a champion and what I’ve done in this organization that the performance (tonight) may not have vouched for a rematch, but I think my resumé does.”

As of this posting, the date and venue of Usman vs. Covington has yet to be determined.