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UFC 235 video: Jon Jones vs Anthony Smith full fight highlights

Watch the UFC 235 main event title fight.

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UFC 235 was headlined by a light heavyweight title bout between Jon Jones and Anthony Smith. As expected, the huge favorite in Jones wasn’t threatened much during the championship bout. Smith didn’t have answers to Jones’ game, and wasn’t able to muster any offense of his own.

Check below for highlights, along with a snippet from our play-by-play of the event.

Round 4 - Jones with a flying side kick to the leg. Head kick from Jones is blocked. He lands a spin kick to the belly. Side elbow. Up elbow! Smith is taking them but not firing back. He’s biting on all of Jones’ feints. Jones goes to the body. Jump knee from Jones. Smith cut on the nose from that. Jones throws Smith to the ground and seemed to land an illegal kick. Herb Dean was right there and just ignored it. Smith is in a seated position covering up and Jones is peppering him with punches. He goes to the back and lands a couple of big shots. Smith’s nose is busted and he’s bleeding a ton. He seems pretty close to done. Jones s taking his time though, landing hammerfists and punches from the back. Smith gets up. Jones has a body lock from behind. He looks for a slam and drops him on his face. Knee to the body. Rights to the face. Smith trying to squirm away but eating punches. They’re getting harder. Hard knee to the body. Another. Smith back to a seated position. Jones just standing over him, trying to knee him in the chest. They’re playing the hands game. Smith is just holding on, trying to get out of the round. Jones with a front headlock. He allows Smith to get up, but Jones lands an illegal knee! They’re going to replay. Smith says he’s okay. Dean takes two points from Jones for the knee. But it won’t matter. The horn goes. 8-8 round.

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