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UFC 235 results: Kamaru Usman dominates Tyron Woodley to win welterweight title

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Kamaru Usman defeated Tyron Woodley by unanimous decision to capture the welterweight title in the UFC 235 co-main event.

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The UFC 235 co-main event just witnessed Kamaru Usman own Tyron Woodley for the bulk of 25-minutes to win the UFC welterweight title. Usman gave his opponent zero space, controlling Woodley and dictating the pace of the fight for each and every round. It took Usman ten fights to become the UFC’s 170-pound champion, and there’s a new sheriff in town. Woodley successfully defended his belt four-times, and this is his first loss since UFC 174 in 2014.

Woodley jumped a guillotine off of the first takedown attempt from Usman, ultimately relinquishing top position. Back on the feet, Usman punched his way into the clinch, and then stalled out the champ against the cage. Usman returned to his stalling tactics, shoving Woodley against the fence. Usman broke off while landing a mean elbow that cut Woodley, and then returned to the clinch. A high amplitude takedown presented itself, followed by full mount for Usman. Woodley did not escape the position for the rest of the round. Usman closed the distance in the third frame and began punishing the body of Woodley with a series of punches. Woodley struggled to get his back off of the fence and continued to exist in survival mode. Maybe one right hand landed for Woodley that round... maybe.

Woodley jumped another guillotine early in the fourth round, just to end up back on the floor. Back on the feet, Usman started to turn it on and let his hands go. Woodley hung tough and threw back some quality punches of his own, but still couldn’t get his back off of the fence. Woodley worked another guillotine early in the final round, but Usman used the moment to blast a takedown. Usman racked up more control time from the top, and Woodley continued to do anything other than be defensive for the rest of the match.

Kamaru Usman def. Tyron Woodley by unanimous decision (50-44 x2, 50-45): Welterweight Title