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Bellator 219 results and video: Brandon Girtz edges out decision in gritty war with Saad Awad

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Check out the results and highlights from Bellator 219, where Brandon Girtz won a unanimous decision over Saad Awad in the main event.

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MMA: Bellator 181-Girtz vs Campos Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Bellator 219 just saw its conclusion after Saad Awad and Brandon Girtz waged war for three-straight rounds. Each man had their respective moments, landing clean shots on the other. When the dust had settled, it was Girtz who walked away with the unanimous decision victory. The 16-8 Bellator veteran in Girtz now finds himself back in the win column. In the co-main event slot, Daniel Straus made good on his lightweight debut by choking out Shane Kruchten in the first round. Straus, who is returning from a brutal motorcycle accident, now finds himself back in the win column.

Before that, Andrey Koreshkov picked up a dominant decision win over promotional newcomer Mike Jasper. Koreshkov now finds himself back in the win column. Opening up the main card, Joe Schilling dropped Keith Berry early in the first round and then followed up with his ground game to earn an unanimous decision victory. The 4-5 Schilling has now won back to back bouts for the first time in his professional MMA career.

Main card:

Brandon Girtz def. Saad Awad by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28 x2): Lightweight

Girtz blitzed his opponent right out of the gate, dropping Awad with punches before taking top position. Awad returned to his feet with a cut around his right eye. It wasn’t long before the gash on Girtz’s forehead was re-opened. Awad got himself back into the fight, backing off Girtz with punches of his own.

A bit of a war broke out in the second round. Awad pressed forward behind his strikes, pushing the pace Girtz. Several clean strikes landed for Awad as Girtz looked to counter with is heavy hooks. Awad let off with several sneaky knees, but Girtz was able to take top position to land a few strikes as time expired.

The final round saw more of the same, until Awad botched a takedown. Girtz unleashed a barrage of ground strikes before Awad made it back to his feet. Back in the standup realm, the fighters started to brawl. Each man was standing their ground, returning punches and going for broke. Both men landed solid blows down the stretch as they traded it out for the remaining moments.

Daniel Straus def. Shane Kruchten by submission (RNC) at 3:53 of round 1: Lightweight

Straus got right to work, dictating the pace and pushing his opponent backwards. Kruchten couldn’t help but allow his adversary to lead the dance. Straus clipped his foe with a clean southpaw cross that dropped Kruchten. Straus pounced on his injured opponent, taking the back and sinking an RNC. Kruchten was dead to rights and was forced to tap out.

Andrey Koreshkov def. Mike Jasper by unanimous decision (30-27 x3): Welterweight

Koreshkov pressed forward, outclassing his less-experienced opposition. Jasper held his own, hanging with the former welterweight champ, but he was mostly reacting. More of the same was seen in the second round. Several clean strikes scored for the former champ, ultimately resulting in him finding top position. The third round saw Koreshkov take top position yet again. Jasper struggled with the top control of Koreshkov. Jasper made it back to his feet, but couldn’t get his back off of the cage. Koreshkov continued to control the fight, owning his opposition until the final bell sounded.

Joe Schilling def. Keith Berry by unanimous decision (30-26 x3): Middleweight

Schilling blitz Berry right away, dropping his foe and taking top position. Berry recovered and blasted a takedown to put Schilling on his back. Schilling worked his way back to his feet, but Berry blasted another takedown to finish up the round on top.

the second round saw Berry score another takedown, but was unable to produce any damage on the ground. Schilling worked his leg kick, prompting Berry to switch stances. Towards the end of the round, Schilling came alive with his hands, tagging his foe and scoring on the scorecards. Berry realized a takedown early in the third round, and went right to full mount. Schilling reversed the position From the top, Schilling landed several slicing blows that cut up Berry. Schilling stayed busy, and Berry was unable to return to his feet in this round.


  • Joey Davis def. Marcus Anthony by KO at 4:21 of round 1: Welterweight
  • Dalton Rosta def. Cody Vidal by TKO at 1:06 of round 1: Light heavyweight