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Video: Taunting boxer gets brutally knocked out with seconds left in final round

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When keeping it real goes wrong: Boxing edition.

BT Sport screenshot

On Saturday’s BT Sport Fight Night event in Leicester, England, French boxer Sabri Sediri had a dream start in his junior welterweight bout against fellow undefeated fighter England’s Sam Maxwell. Sediri scored knockdowns in rounds one and two to build a considerable lead on the scorecards, and he felt that he was ahead by enough that he could spend the tenth round taunting Maxwell for the hell of it.

Wrong move, Sabri. Wrong move.

With less than 15 seconds to go, Maxwell uncorked a wicked right hand that flattened Sediri and stunned everyone in the crowd. Sediri tried to beat the count but he was far too gone, and the referee waved the fight off. Maxwell extended his record to 11-0 (9 KOs) at the expense of Sediri (10-1-1, 5 KOs).

Watch the video of the entire round below, or if you feel like only watching the last few seconds, there’s another clip for that too.

To add insult to injury, Maxwell was apparently up on two of the three scorecards, which is curious in itself, but Sediri nevertheless squandered his lead and then thought he could showboat to victory, and instead took an L on his way back to France.