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UFC Nashville results: Anthony Pettis wallops Stephen Thompson with superman punch KO

Anthony Pettis just completely knocked out Stephen Thompson in the UFC Nashville main event.

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The UFC’s #3 ranked welterweight Stephen Thompson was just brutally knocked out by former UFC lightweight champ Anthony Pettis in the UFC Nashville main event. Whoa!

Pettis pressed forward right away and Thompson was ready to address him. The fighters exchanged kicks as they sized up one another. Thompson added in his punches, blitzing Pettis periodically. Pettis missed with a spinning kick to the head, and then Thompson partially landed one of his own. Pettis went to his corner with blood leaking from his nose.

The fighters again exchanged kicks back and forth to open up the second act. Thompson started to throw and connect with his hands while Pettis was still committed to kicking. Despite Pettis moving forward and scoring with his leg kicks, Thompson was the one doing damage with his punches. Just as the round was coming to a close, Pettis launched a superman punch that flattened Thompson. Two academic ground strikes connected and Pettis was back in the win column.

Anthony Pettis def. Stephen Thompson by KO at 4:55 of round 2: Welterweight