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UFC Nashville results: Curtis Blaydes wins dominant decision over Justin Willis

Curtis Blaydes handily won a unanimous decision over Justin Willis in the UFC Nashville co-main event.

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The UFC Nashville co-main event just witnessed the promotion’s #4 ranked heavyweight Curtis Blaydes completely dominating the #10 ranked Justin Willis for the bulk of three rounds. The decision win allows Blaydes to remain undefeated against everyone not named Francis N’Gannou. For Willis, this snaps an eight-fight winning streak.

It took all of about 30-seconds for Blaydes to shoot in. Willis fought off the takedown at first, but Blaydes was relentless on found top position. When Willis did return to his feet, Blaydes took him right back down to the floor. Rinse and repeat. Willis did not return to open space. A massive right hand from Blaydes sent Willis staggering early in the second stanza, followed by a high amplitude takedown. The grind resumed for Blaydes as Willis was unable to return to his feet in that round.

The first-half of the final round took place on the feet, but nothing really happened there. Around the midpoint of the round, Blaydes shot in and hunted for a takedown up against the fence. Willis eventually made his way back to open space, but easily gave up the takedown in the center of the Octagon.

Curtis Blaydes def. Justin Willis by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-26, 30-25): Heavyweight