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Miesha Tate: T.J. Dillashaw’s USADA case may be similar to Jon Jones’ ‘picogram’ situation

Former UFC bantamweight champion Miesha Tate is seeing similarities between the USADA cases of T.J. Dillashaw and Jon Jones.

Early this week, T.J. Dillashaw came forward to reveal some “adverse findings” on his in-competition drug test for UFC Brooklyn taken last January 18th. As a result, he was given a year-long suspension by the New York State Athletic Commission, which urged him to relinquish his UFC bantamweight title.

The substance he tested positive for has not been revealed, but according to observers like former UFC women’s bantamweight champion Miesha Tate, this case bears some similarities with that of Jon Jones’.

“There was a point when it wasn’t strictly enforced, and I do believe that probably the majority of people were using,” Tate said on MMA on SiriusXM (transcript by MMA News).

“It’s possible that he did it at one point in his career before it was a big no-no. And now, it’s a no-no, and maybe he’s clean, but maybe something is popping up that maybe he used a long time ago that he never got caught for.”

Tate also believes that these two cases may be precedents to more of the same kind, given how stringent USADA is with its testing procedures.

“If it happens with Jon Jones…yes, he got busted, and now it’s reoccurring, but I think we’re actually going to see more cases,” she said. “As USADA is getting down to a picogram…what is that, like 50 millionth of a gram of salt or something ridiculous like that?

“If they’re that specific, if anybody’s used anything at one point in their career, then it’s possible that these picograms are still floating around.

Many people where quick to jump on Dillashaw for his failed drug test. Among them is Conor McGregor, who said he already knew something was up a long time ago. Former teammate Cody Garbrandt also claimed that the now former 135-pound champion showed everyone in Team Alpha Male how to use PEDs.

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