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Leon Edwards: ‘Rat’ Jorge Masvidal’s day will come after UFC London altercation

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Leon Edwards wants to get a fight lined up against Jorge Masvidal after their altercation at UFC London.

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Leon Edwards has said he wants to get a fight lined up with Jorge Masvidal after ‘Gamebred’ hit him with a ‘cheap shot’ following their wins at UFC London this past weekend.

Edwards picked up a decision win against Gunnar Nelson in the co-main event of the London card, while Masvidal provided an upset in the main event by knocking out Darren Till in front of the O2 Arena. Following this, Masvidal approached Edwards during an interview backstage and hit him with several punches that left the Brit cut under his eye.

“Rocky” recently spoke to Eurobash about the altercation, stating Masvidal’s ‘day will come’ eventually.

“Masvidal’s a rat…I don’t know what f—kin’ happened,” Edwards said. “He was doing media, I was doing media, we both locked eyes together. I think I said, ‘We’ll go in July,’ or something like that and he said, ‘Maybe July, or maybe not,’ and blah, blah, blah.”

“It’s only a little nick; I’m fine, I’m good. He threw a little cheap shot, obviously he had no wraps on and no gloves on, so the knuckle kind of grazed me a bit. It is what it is. I’m telling you, I wish the security weren’t there so I could get to him, but his day will come and we’ll see next time.

The recent win for Edwards means he is now on a seven-fight winning streak at welterweight, with his last loss coming against current champion Kamaru Usman. The 27-yar-old is unsure to how the UFC will make a fight between him and Masvidal due to their ongoing tension.

“I don’t know how they’re gonna make a fight between us because I’m telling you it’s going to be on sight. He cannot be in the same area as me or the same hotel as me. I’m going to f—k this man up,” he added.