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UFC 235 results and video: Pedro Munhoz knocks out Cody Garbrandt in one-round shootout

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Bantamweight contender Pedro Munhoz knocked out Cody Garbrandt on the UFC 235 PPV main card.

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The UFC 235 PPV main card is in progress, and the company’s #9 ranked bantamweight Pedro Munhoz just knocked out former 135-pound champ Cody Garbrandt in the first round.

Munhoz landed an overhand right out of the gate and immediately dropped down for a leg lock. Garbrandt freed himself and got his foot out of harms way. Garbrandt worked his speed punching while Munhoz focused on an overhand right and a calf kick. A left hand clipped Garbrandt, sending the former champ crashing down to the floor. Garbrandt got back to his feet and went wild, swing for the fences. Munhoz obliged him and brawled right back. Munhoz landed a heavy punch that buckled Garbrandt, and a couple of follow up strikes sealed the deal.

Munhoz now enjoys a three-fight winning streak, and climbs further up the UFC’s bantamweight ladder. Garbrandt has now lost three in a row, all by knockout.