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McGregor: Joe Rogan is a ‘great man’ but he needs to start calling fights correctly ‘instead of reading off a script’

Conor McGregor criticized Joe Rogan’s commentary at a recent fan Q&A.

Joe Rogan has long been considered one of, if not the, best commentators in MMA, but UFC star Conor McGregor thinks the renowned sports personality could do a better job at calling fights.

McGregor was recently asked if he’d be interested in featuring as a guest on Joe Rogan’s famed podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, to which the Irishman responded with the following statement:

“He’s a great man, he’s got a great following, he’s got crazy insight, gets great guests, maybe at some stage of the game I’ll be on his podcast, who knows,” McGregor said at a fan Q&A in Chicago, per’s Mike Pendleton. “I’d like him to call a fight how he sees it correctly, instead of reading off a script though.”

Although McGregor criticised Rogan for rehearsing his lines, the longtime UFC commentator has always gave the impression that he calls the action spontaneously, without any script or direction from the UFC. The same is true of his podcasts, which are all broadcast in an informal, conversational tone.

McGregor, the former UFC featherweight and lightweight champion, hasn’t fought since his championship loss to Khabib Nurmagomedov at UFC 229. The 30-year-old is currently being sued for allegedly smashing a man’s phone outside a nightclub in Miami.