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MMA Squared: Holloway’s digital combos on McGregor are as relentless as his fight combos

It’s a mistake to look past Dustin Poirier, but Holloway vs McGregor would be the most compelling striker vs striker fight possible in the UFC today.

MMA Squared, Chris Rini, Conor McGregor, Poirier, Holloway, UFC 236, Joe Duffy

Welcome to MMA Squared. Let’s analyze the twitter battle between Conor McGregor and Max Holloway over the weekend. First round: Conor comes out strong. In Boston at the St. Patrick’s Day parade, he finds time to reminisce and land a one-two on Max Holloway.

The digs are vicious with McGregor big timing the Hawaiian’s relevance utilizing an unfortunate still from the fight. Just like in the Octagon, McGregor is pressuring his opponent and looking for a finish.

Holloway’s emotional chin is as rock solid as his corporeal one. He applauds the Irishman’s effort like an Aldo uppercut and responds with a multi-tweet salvo chiding the former champ for “reliving his best years.”

Then the combo unfolds: Holloway congratulates McGregor on the win, noting that Dennis Bermudez accomplished the same thing that year when Holloway was a 21-year-old white belt, suggesting they share a trophy together.

Then he compared how McGregor got subbed by Joe Duffy at the same age. However, by the time was 25, Holloway had already come into his own as a champion.

MMA Squared, Chris Rini, Conor McGregor, Poirier, Holloway, UFC 236, Joe Duffy Chris Rini

The assault continues with Max dropping a list of his achievements and boasts of taking McGregor’s ACL.

McGregor takes the bait and they have a weird exchange about putting ACL’s up each others’ butts and then returning them, but McGregor is deep in Max’s world at this point.

Holloway caps it off with an invitation to dance in July, and — hey wait... that’s INTERNATIONAL FIGHT WEEK. Has this all been an elaborate PR scheme? Doubtful. That was too good of an execution ;)

This is Chris @RiniMMA thanks for your time. Take care of yourself and I’ll talk to you next week. I’m sponsored by COMBAT WOMBAT, and expression of marsupial violence known... somewhere.

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