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Spence vs. Garcia live round by round results: Round 10-12 recap

Get live streaming results from Errol Spence vs. Mikey Garcia. Here, rounds 10-12.

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Live on PPV tonight, it’s Errol Spence Jr. defending his Welterweight title against Mikey Garcia in a battle of undefeated fighters. Bloody Elbow will have round by round recaps all night. Here, take a look at rounds 10-12.

Round 10: Not quite as bad a round for Garcia as we saw in the 9th, but as he gets to his corner after the 10th, his brother and trainer Robert starts by asking if he wants to go out for the 11th, which tells you where he’s at. Garcia is now stuck fighting to not get KO’d, and he’s succeeding there, but he’s not getting any of his own offense going at all. 10-9 Spence

Round 11: Spence comes on strong in the opening minute, launching a salvo to both the head and the body. Garcia is absorbing them, but again, he’s focusing on his own defense and only barely punching back in return - the difference in punches thrown this round is huge. 10-9 Spence

Round 12: Spence obviously has the fight well in hand at this point, and he relaxes during a bit of the 12th, but he comes on strong in the final minute, coming inside and landing a lot on the thoroughly outboxed Garcia. 10-9 Spence

120-108 Spence for the shutout on my unofficial scorecard