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Spence vs. Garcia round by round results: Round 4-6 recap

Get live streaming results from Errol Spence vs. Mikey Garcia. Here, rounds 4-6.

Kell Brook & Errol Spence Press Conference Photo by Mark Robinson/Getty Images

Live on PPV tonight, it’s Errol Spence Jr. defending his Welterweight title against Mikey Garcia in a battle of undefeated fighters. Bloody Elbow will have round by round recaps all night. Here, take a look at rounds 4-6.

Round 4: Spence has a clear strategy that’s working for him right now. He’s circling, leading with the jab, then mixing in strong lefts behind it both to the head and the body. He picks up the pace this round, still using that same system, but with more snap on his punches. Garcia does manage to get inside and have some nice work in the closing minute, but it’s not enough. 10-9 Spence

Round 5: Garcia starts the round well, putting the pressure on Spence and getting him over to the ropes. That was his best sequence of the fight so far. But he can’t sustain it for the full round, as Spence manages to take control and again land more as the round moves forward. 10-9 Spence

Round 6: You can see Spence starting to dial up the power in his punches. He lands a handful of shots in this round that are clean and seem to really register with Garcia. Garcia fires back every time though, trying to make Spence pay with the counter when he lands. And Garcia does seem to land some of those counters, but we’re yet to see one really hurt Spence. 10-9 Spence

60-54 Spence through round 6