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Results: Errol Spence takes shutout decision win over Mikey Garcia

Errol Spence dominated Mikey Garcia, shutting him out on every scorecard in their PPV showdown.

Errol Spence Jr v Mikey Garcia Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Errol Spence def. Mikey Garcia, UD (120-107, 120-108, 120-108)

It was clear that Errol Spence came in with a gameplan for how to deal with Mikey Garcia, and he executed it perfectly. Spence completely dominated the fight bell to bell, winning by a wide, unanimous decision. Personally, I too scored it 120-108 Spence for the shutout.

The taller, bigger man, Spence used his reach advantage well from the opening, working behind the jab to keep the fight at range and not allow Garcia in. From there, he began to mix in more lefts following up behind the jab, both to the head and to the body. The volume of those power shots increased as the fight went on. Ultimately, Spence took the fight inside as well, getting close to Garcia and working with the inside shots.

The end result was a complete shutdown of Garcia’s offense. From early on, Garcia seemed to have no answer for Spence, and in the final rounds, he was only fighting to make the final bell, not throwing enough to feasibly win. Spence came on strong a few times in the end, particularly in the 9th, but he could never quite get the right combination together to put Garcia on the mat.

Post-fight, all the talk was of Errol Spence vs. Manny Pacquiao. Spence called out Pacquiao, and Pacquiao took to the ring, saying “why not” fight Spence next.

Errol Spence now extends his perfect record to 25-0, and this is the first time he has failed to put an opponent away since 2014. Garcia takes the first loss of his career, dropping to 39-1.