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UFC London post-fight bonuses: Masvidal starches Till en route to an extra $100K

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Check out which fighters won performance bonuses from UFC Fight Night: Till vs. Masvidal.

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The O2 Arena in London, England was home to a solid afternoon of fights. The card saw two (T)KOs, three submissions, and seven decisions, including three split-decisions. We also got to see Michael Bisping officially inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame.

Fight of the Night: Jorge Masvidal vs. Darren Till

Jorge Masvidal and Darren Till put on one hell of an entertaining scrap when they took center octagon. Right off the bat, Till was stunned with an accidental pill-splitter, then got up and dropped Masvidal with a left cross. The Cuban regained his footing, only to be taken down off a failed high kick, but was soon upright again, and the two traded for the remainder of the first stanza.

Round two saw Masvidal on the receiving end of a foul, this time an eyepoke, but he shook it off and the two continue trading, but Till is landing more. Then, Masvidal throws a huge right and launches himself into a crushing left that staggered the Brit. While Till is on his way down for a heart-to-heart with the canvas, “Gamebred” smashes him with two more that put Darren on ice. One more bomb and the fight is mercifully over. Till got an oxygen bag, Masvidal got himself an early entry for KOTY and both men get a $50,000 bonus. Masvidal also took a POTN bonus for an extra $50K.

Performances of the Night: Jorge Masvidal, Dan Ige

Dan Ige made quick work of Danny Henry. It took Dan just 77 seconds to trade a few shots, drop Danny, jump on his back and sink in a wickedly tight rear-naked choke. Ige gets the win and the $50,000 bonus.

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