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UFC London video highlights: Jorge Masvidal scores vicious KO of Darren Till

Check out the full fight video highlights of Jorge Masvidal’s KO of Darren Till from the UFC London main event.

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The UFC London main event ended in a crazy knockout! The company’s #11 ranked welterweight Jorge Masvidal took out the #3 ranked Darren Till in the second round.

The win did not come without adversity, as Till came up with a knockdown early in the opening round. Masvidal rallied to land an insane combination that completely separated Till from his senses. Just incredible!

Check out our play-by-play of Jorge Masvidal’s KO of Darren Till:

Round 2-

Till presses forward and eats a body kick. An accidental eye poke brought a pause to the action. The fight resumes and Masvidal blasts a takedown. Till stands up but his back is to the cage. Till frees himself and lands a lead hook. Slapping leg kick lands for Till. Till scores with a stiff jab. And another. Masvidal connects with another body kick and then misses an overhand right. Till leaps in with an elbow to which Masvidal smiles. Then out of almost nowhere, Masvidal throws a right hand and then leaps into a left hook that rocks Till. As Till is falling, Masvidal connects with a two-piece to put Till out cold! One follow up strike lands before the bout is stopped. OMG!!!!!!!

Jorge Masvidal def. Darren Till by KO at 3:05 of round 2