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UFC London video highlights: Leon Edwards wins split decision over Gunnar Nelson

Check out the full fight video highlights of Gunnar Nelson vs. Leon Edwards from the UFC London co-main event.

MMA: UFC Fight Night-Manuw vs Anderson Steve Flynn-USA TODAY Sports

The UFC London co-main event wrapped up with Leon Edwards picking up a split decision over Gunnar Nelson.

Edwards flipped the script on his opponent in the opening round, racking up all sorts of control time against the proven grappler. Come round-two, Edwards came up with a massive elbow from the clinch that sent Nelson crashing to the canvas. A brutal barrage of ground strikes landed just before the round ended. Nelson went for it in round three, finding the takedown and taking full mount. From there, he was able to land some ground strikes of his own, but was never able to really posture up to inflict some fight-ending damage.

Check out our play-by-play of round two from Gunnar Nelson vs. Leon Edwards :

Round 2-

Leg kick misses for Edwards and then a head kick is blocked. A one-two whiffs for Edwards. Nelson fails to connect with a body kick. They clinch up and jockey for position. Edwards scores with an elbow on the break. They clinch up again and Nelson puts Edwards on the cage. Nelson scores a cross on the break. Nelson throws a punch to enter the clinch again. Edwards hits the midsection with a knee and returns to open space. A sneaky elbow on the inside cracks Nelson. Edwards drops Nelson with a thudding elbow from the single collar tie! A barrage of ground strikes connect. This might be over. Nelson makes it out of the round but not without a massive hematoma around his eye.

10-9 Edwards