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Video: Darren Till charges UFC London stage to confront Ben Askren during fan Q&A

Things got heated at the UFC London Q&A.

Darren Till rushed the stage during a UFC London fan Q&A to confront welterweight rival Ben Askren, flipping off “Funky” and the crowd.

It took place at the start of the Q&A, when Askren was asked about a potential rematch with Robbie Lawler after his controversial win at UFC 235. Askren stated he wasn’t interested in a rematch, and instead wanted to fight Till in a fight he predicted would “go really well” for himself.

That’s when the Liverpudlian rushed the stage and did this.

Till discussed the confrontation and Askren’s challenge when he spoke on the UFC London weigh-in show after the Q&A.

“Askren’s fight comes, but Askren’s been in the UFC five minutes. It’s not about what he wants. It’s about what I want. I’m here, I’m No. 3. Seventh fight, fourth main event. I call the shots, not Ben,” Till said. “And the champ will be calling the shots, so we’ll see. I know the champ wants to fight me. I’ve spoken about it with him face-to-face. So, all goes well for me Saturday, I’m praying and hoping, and then I want to campaign for that title shot.”

UFC London takes place this Saturday night, March 16th, at the O2 Arena in London, England. Till’s fight against Jorge Masvidal will headline the card.