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Wife of UFC’s Tony Ferguson files restraining order following multiple bizarre incidents

The lightweight top contender has been ordered to stay away from his wife and child following a string of police visits to their home.

Dana White may have been underselling things when he recently told fans that top ranked UFC lightweight Tony Ferguson was experiencing “personal issues,” when explaining why the fighter hasn’t been seen in the Octagon since October of 2018. After rumors began swirling late last week of marital distress in the Ferguson household, MMAjunkie now reports that ‘El Cucuy’’s wife, Cristina Ferguson, has filed a restraining order against the fighter.

According to Junkie’s investigation, the court intervention comes following a string of bizarre incidents involving police visits to the Ferguson home — starting in January of 2018, and with three occurring in the last month. These reportedly included Ferguson destroying items, talking about a computer chip he claimed was implanted in his leg, throwing holy water at his wife, and believing that “someone was inside his walls.” Things seem to have come to a head last Friday when he apparently took their son from his wife’s parents house, where his wife was visiting, and brought him back to their home, after which he changed the locks on the doors.

The restraining order against him was filed just a few days later.

In multiple police reports, it appears that Ferguson’s wife has claimed that she did not fear for the safety of their child and that he had not been violent toward her or anyone else, but that his outbursts seemed to be getting worse and he was refusing to see a doctor. As a result of this behavior, the Orange County Superior Court has scheduled a domestic violence investigation for March 22, and a domestic violence hearing for April 5th.

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