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Gunnar Nelson ‘trains’ like a savage for UFC London in new video

The Nordic submission specialist is all business, and he’s prepping by going harder than the average fighter.

While most MMA fighters have strenuous workout regimens and training routines, some fighters occasionally make things work outside the box. Former welterweight and middleweight legend Georges St Pierre famously incorporated gymnastics into his training, and former double champ Conor McGregor did... whatever this was.

But ahead of this weekend’s combative festivities, Icelandic welterweight contender Gunnar Nelson has taken a step into unconventional territory. Just in time for his fight against English up-and-comer Leon Edwards, he shows off some moves he’s been preparing for optimal combative performance and maximum versatility.

Gaze at the video below (or from the link here), and observe the pinpoint accuracy and technique that he will undoubtedly will need to take on any opponent.

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Cruising into fight week like ...

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Some of you OG readers may be familiar with the origin of this, but for you younger whippersnappers out there, this a tribute to the Eric Prydz classic “Call On Me“, which features a sample of a classic from Steve Winwood.

Perhaps it’s difficult to envision for most of us normal folks, but there’s a lot of hard work that goes into they sensual gyration that could be used to improve flexibility and throw off an opponent attempting to get a read on a fighter’s movements. These movements may make an opponent forfeit based on intimidation alone. It could be argued that very dangerous techniques like this could and in fact should be outlawed — and for good reason.

We should note that Nelson isn’t alone in using rhythmic enhancement to expand his skillset. We’ve seen former UFC fighter Matt Mitrione unleash his deadly Zumba abilities en route to destroy his opposition. Others like Ben Rothwell prefer to go the opposite route, dancing after they’ve laid waste to their opposition in a show of dominance.

And others, well... this doesn’t always pay off, you know?

Will this give Nelson the advantage he needs to crush the welterweight division, see them driven before him, and hear the lamentations of their women? We’ll find out this Saturday as UFC Fight Night London goes down.

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