Brock Lesnar vs Ben Askren

Are there any old-timers that remember the hysteria surrounding Brock Lesnar’s arrival in the UFC? History tends to repeat itself!

Back in the day it was crazy "Lesnar-mania" all day and everyday! His followers (an enormous sea of casuals driven by the media) were a devoted cult-like bunch.

After Lesnar dethroned Randy Couture, the MMA forums were on fire with hundreds of comments like these: "Unstoppable takedowns! When Lesnar takes you down - it’s all over! The greatest who ever lived! He’s gonna be the the champion for a long time."

Hmmm...sound familiar?

Two fights later, Lesnar had his face bashed in by a challenger named Shane Carwin. The ref should have stopped the fight but Lesnar survived and won!

The cult went crazy! Failing to notice the obvious holes in his standup, they fell more deeply in love with him. "He’s the toughest SOB whoever lived", they proclaimed! He’s gonna be the champion for a long time. Two fights later, Cain decimated Lesnar and the cult disappeared.

Will history repeat itself again?

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