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Lawler’s manager: Immediate rematch is warranted with Askren after UFC 235 controversy

Robbie Lawler’s manager wants a rematch to be set up with Ben Askren after the controversial finish of their fight at UFC 235.

Robbie Lawler’s manager, David Martin, has said following the controversial stoppage of Lawler’s fight with Ben Askren at UFC 235 last weekend, an immediate rematch between the pair should take place.

Referee Herb Dean stopped the fight 3:20 into the first round when Askren had Lawler in a bulldog choke position up against the cage. When Lawler immediately stood up after the stoppage, viewers doubted if he was really out and Dean’s decision was quickly brought into question.

Martin released a statement to MMA News on Thursday explaining why he feels a rematch should be made, especially given the fact that Askren was given the chance to escape from a bad position earlier in the fight, but Lawler wasn’t.

“We acknowledge that Ben is a tremendous fighter; coming back from the beating Robbie gave him demonstrates his grit and shows why he has a strong history of winning,” Martin said. “That is undeniable. However, Ben’s comments speak directly to the fact that there was a lot of time left in the round leading to a lot of unknowns. Things could have dramatically changed in the 1:40 remaining in the round, just as they did a minute into the fight.”

Lawler’s manager also didn’t rule out the possibility of filing an appeal to the Nevada State Athletic Commission for the stoppage, although he would prefer a rematch to be set up instead of having to appeal the loss.

“It is unfortunate that Robbie didn’t get his chance to get out of a tough position like Ben was able to do earlier in the round. No one knows, which is why an immediate rematch is warranted. As for an appeal to the commission, nothing has been ruled out. But if this were to occur it would be handled professionally behind closed doors like we do all of our business. Through adversity, Robbie remains a true professional and role model for the sport — someone I certainly want my three boys to look up to.”

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