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Video: Colby Covington unsuccessfully tries confronting Dana White over title shot snub

As it turns out, Colby Covington won’t get an answer from a gambling Dana White about why he’s not getting the next UFC welterweight title shot.

Colby Covington Tyron Woodley Kamaru Usman UFC 235 Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

UFC welterweight contender Colby Covington has tried to steal the headlines throughout UFC 235 fight week, so naturally we are going to oblige him to some degree and write another article about what else he’s been up to in Las Vegas this week.

The latest adventure for Covington involves him filming his planned confrontation with UFC president Dana White, seated at a blackjack table at the Palms Casino Resort. Covington gets to White’s table, demanding to know why he isn’t fighting for the welterweight championship on Saturday night. If he hoped for an answer or a prolonged face-off with White... it didn’t work.

“Dana, what’s up bro?” Covington says.

“Ohhhh sh-t,” White replies.

“I just want an explanation for why I’m not fighting for the belt this weekend,” Covington replies.

“Stop filming,” White retorts.

“C’mon, bro! I just want an explanation,” Shoots back Covington.

“No, I’m f—kin’ gambling,” White responds.

Another voice away from the video tells Covington “no cameras,” most likely casino security, and chances are Colby doesn’t want to mess with any security guys. The video concludes right there, question unanswered.

Covington had already crashed Kamaru Usman’s open workout, bullhorn and interim belt (that he’s long been stripped of) both in his possession. He’s been raging about not getting to fight Tyron Woodley next, but his not fighting Woodley at UFC 228 in September seems to be the catalyst for him losing his spot at the front of the line. Covington has also called himself the real champion (he’s not) and that if he doesn’t get the next shot, he wants to be released from the UFC.

UFC 235’s co-main event features actual welterweight champion Woodley defending his title against Usman.