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Mayweather calls Conor McGregor ‘the Caucasian Floyd Mayweather’

“He’s the Caucasian Floyd Mayweather. “He’s a knock-off. He’s a hell of a knock-off version.”

It’s rare to see Floyd Mayweather Jr. give praise to anyone but himself, but, in a recent interview with Kevin Hart, the undefeated boxing great had high praise for Conor McGregor.

Mayweather, who fought — and beat — McGregor in a PPV-smashing boxing match in 2017, called ‘The Notorious’ the Caucasian version of himself.

“He’s the Caucasian Floyd Mayweather,” Mayweather said of McGregor on a recent edition of Cold as Balls (h/t Dan Hiergesell of MMA Mania). “He’s a knock-off. He’s a hell of a knock-off version.”

McGregor has become a household name in combat sports and is one of the highest paid athletes in the world. And while Mayweather may still be the pay-per-view king, ‘Money’ can’t help but admire McGregor’s own PPV success.

“Yeah, I take my hat off to him,” Mayweather continued. “I mean, he’s a dog.”

Back in 2017, Mayweather wobbled McGregor with a barrage of punches before the referee decided to stop the fight in the 10th round. McGregor, however, feels he could have survived the round and continued.

Reflecting on the stoppage, Mayweather still feels the referee made the right decision.

“I mean, I want the man to have a career after our fight,” he said. “It sounded good when the fight was over.”

As for what’s next, Mayweather teased that he could still sign with the UFC in the future.

“Anything is possible,” he said. “I can go get a deal right now from the UFC — a three-fight, four-fight, billion dollar deal, if that’s what I wanted.”

Mayweather recently fought Japanese MMA prospect Tenshin Nasukawa in a three-round boxing exhibition at Rizin 14. The boxing superstar TKO’d Nasukawa in the first round.