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Jose Aldo’s coach wants Alex Volkanovski at UFC 237, wishes to ‘eliminate all contenders’ at 145

Andre Pederneiras wants his pupil Jose Aldo to return at UFC 237, in Curitiba, Brazil.

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Jose Aldo and his team intend to follow through on their plant to have three fights in 2019 and making them all in Brazil.

In a recent interview with Portal do Vale Tudo, Aldo’s coach and head of Nova Uniao, Andre Pederneiras, expressed a desire to have the former UFC featherweight champion at UFC 237, in Curitiba.

Furthermore, in a plan to get all potential contenders out of the way and make Aldo fight for the title again in his last 2019 bout, Pederneiras stated he would like to have his pupil take on up-and-coming contender Alexander Volkanovski, who currently occupies the fourth spot in the featherweight rankings.

“We would like him to fight Alexander Volkanovski, the man who just knocked out Chad Mendes,” Pederneiras said. “Here’s the deal: we have a dream to fight for the title in our last bout, which is hard. There are only two ways to make that happen, either Max Holloway moves up to lightweight and vacates the belt or we eliminate all contenders. Moicano was the first one, Alexander would be the second, because he’s fourth now. I’m not considering Frankie Edgar because he already lost to Aldo.”

Should the UFC book the fight against Volkanovski and Aldo happens to win again, he would have defeated all featherweight contenders ranked from the first to the eighth spot, with the exception of Brian Ortega, which, in Pederneira’s eyes, makes a good case for one last title run.

“We know we’re f-cked,” Pederneiras said. “That’s our only shot. Since we can’t play, we might as well break the toy. There’s no way around it. It’s either that or they’ll give the title shot to the number 10 fighter. From there on, Aldo defeated pretty much everyone. The only one Aldo didn’t fight was Ortega, but he just fought for the title, so they won’t give him another title shot. If we beat Alexander now, they’ll have to give the shot to the ninth or tenth man, because there’ll be nobody else.”

Most recently, Jose Aldo defeated Renato Moicano via TKO. Before that, the 32-year-old also knocked out Jeremy Stephens in July 2018, in a win that snapped a two-fight skid with TKO losses to current champion, Max Holloway.