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Tyson Fury events cancelled after graffiti threatens repeat of deadly weigh-in attack

A Garda source claimed the graffiti referenced a scene from the ongoing Kinahan-Hutch gang feud.

Tyson Fury Media Workout Photo by John McCoy/Getty Images

According to the Irish Times two events that were scheduled to feature multi-time world champion heavyweight boxer Tyson Fury have been canceled after the discovery of some threatening graffiti. The events were due to take place in Dublin and Cork over the next few days.

IT quoted the Garda Press Office, which stated that management at Dublin’s Helix, one of the event venues, had reported graffiti on the premise that was threatening violence. IT reported that the graffiti was warning of a “repeat of the Regency shooting”.

The Regency Hotel shooting occurred in February 2016. That incident featured masked armed men storming the Dublin hotel during official weigh-ins for a boxing card. The shooting resulted in the death of David Byrne and two other people receiving non-fatal injuries.

At the time of his death, Byrne (who once trained with Conor McGregor) was reported to be a high-level member of the Kinahan Cartel; an alleged organized crime outfit that has been accused of being the leading distributor of illegal drugs in Ireland.

Patrick Hutch was charged with the killing. Hutch is alleged to be a member of the Hutch Gang, which is suspected of being in a bloody feud with the Kinahans. That feud reportedly began when alleged former Kinahan gangster Gary Hutch was murdered — allegedly by his former cohorts — in Marbella, Spain in 2015. Since then 20 people have been killed in both Ireland and Spain in suspected targeted assassinations.

In March 2017 Fury took a selfie with Daniel Kinahan who is accused of running the day-to-day operations of the Kinahan Cartel. Daniel Kinahan is the son of Christy Kinahan, who is reported to be the founder of the cartel.

Daniel Kinahan’s connections to boxing are widely reported. Ewan McKenna of has claimed that “boxing is to Kinahan what soccer was to Pablo Escobar”.

Around 2014 Kinahan established Macklin’s Gym Marbella with former WBC middleweight champion Matthew Macklin. MGM developed to be more than a simple boxing gym. It was involved in promoting fights, putting on events, and representing fighters. The boxing event that was attacked at the Regency Hotel was an MGM event.

In 2017 the MGM gym was raided by Spanish and Irish authorities as part of their investigation into the Kinahan family. Shortly after this the gym and the company around it was rebranded with the name Mack The Knife (MTK).

MTK continues to promote fights and represent fighters (in both boxing and MMA). However, the company now claims that Daniel Kinahan is not part of the organization.

Despite that declaration, Irish media remain skeptical that the company has completely severed ties with Kinahan. It’s current CEO, Sandra Vaughan, is alleged to be a former partner of a convicted drug dealer and former Kinahan member. MTK maintains a media blackout with Irish press, many believe this is due to persistent questions regarding Kinahan.

MTK announced that they had signed Fury in November 2017. Though, they do not promote Fury’s fights. Other fighters MTK represents in a management capacity include UFC fighter Darren Till and Northern Irish boxer Jamie Conlan.