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MMA fighter’s girlfriend claims she witnessed him murder two people

Cedric Marks has been charged with capital murder in Bell County, TX.

[CW: The following story discusses alleged domestic abuse]

Veteran MMA fighter Cedric Marks, 44, was recaptured this weekend after a nine-hour manhunt north of Houston, TX. Marks, who was labeled ‘extremely dangerous’ by authorities, was able to escape a prison transport van — while still wearing restraints — when the vehicle stopped at a McDonald’s.

Marks was in custody after being arrested in Michigan over a burglary charge. He is accused of robbing the Temple-Texas home of Jenna Scott, his former girlfriend in August 2018. After Marks was arrested in Michigan Scott’s remains were discovered in Clearview, OK, alongside those of her friend Michael Swearingin.

Last year Scott was unsuccessful in trying to get a protective order against Marks. During that process she accused Marks of physical abuse and claimed that he told her he has experience with covering up murders.

Before Marks was recaptured yesterday, warrants were issued for him in connection with the homicides of Scott and Swearingin.

Early this morning news broke (via KXXV) that Maya Maxwell, Marks’ current girlfriend who was arrested with him in Michigan, had told investigators that she witnessed Marks killing both Scott and Swearingin in a home in Killeen, TX.

Maxwell had already confessed to attempting to cover up the murders, by attempting to hide Swearingin’s vehicle.

Marks has now been booked with a charge of capital murder of multiple persons. He is being held on bonds totaling over $1.75 million. In Texas capital murder is generally punishable by either life in prison without the possibility of parole or death.

Marks is also a person of interest in the missing persons case of April Pease in Bloomington, MN. Pease and Marks waged a custody battle over a child in 2008. Pease was awarded custody, but that custody was transferred to Marks after Pease went missing in 2009. Pease and Marks’ child was taken into protective custody later that year.

As an MMA fighter Marks began fighting in 1998. He had over 50 professional bouts since then. His most recent contest occurred in March 2018.

Support for survivors of domestic violence can be found from the following organizations:

USA - The National Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-800-799-SAFE (7233)

Canada - DAWN-RAFH Canada

UK and Ireland - Women’s Aid: 0808-2000-247

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