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Japanese MMA fighter accused of using rear naked choke during alleged robbery

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Kirihito Kodama is alleged to have stolen a wallet and a smartphone during the incident.

According to Tokyo Reporter (which cites TBS News in Tokyo) MMA veteran Kirihito Kodama, 33, was arrested in connection with a robbery that occurred in Toshima Ward, Tokyo last year.

The report alleged that Kodama, 33, approached a 27-year-old man from behind in a parking lot outside of an apartment building before grabbing the man around the neck and applying a read naked choke until the victim passed out.

Kodama is accused of then taking the victim’s wallet, which contained 28,000 yen ($250), and smartphone. Reportedly the victim suffered injuries in the alleged attack which required two weeks to heal.

Police stated that Kodama does not know the victim of the crime and that, before the incident took place, Kodama left his gym and was “cruising around” a nearby train station on his bicycle.

Police also alleged that Kodama confessed to robbing the victim and they quoted that fighter as saying: “I did it to relieve stress and as a means of testing my skills.”

According to Tapology Kodama has a 12-9-1 pro MMA record. His first fight was in 2011, with Pancrase. Since then he has fought mostly in the Pancrase and Shooto organizations. Kodama’s notable opponent’s include ONE FC flyweight Hayato Suzuki (20-1-2), current Pancrase flyweight champion Senzo Ikeda (12-6-1), and former Kunlun Fight bantamweight champion Meixuan Zhang (18-5-1).

Kodama fought as recently as January 27th at ZST 63 in Tokyo. There he beat Keisuke Tamaru (13-21-6) via first round submission.