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Henry Cejudo says he’ll ‘finish’ T.J. Dillashaw even ‘quicker’ at bantamweight

UFC flyweight champ Henry Cejudo believes he’ll finish T.J. Dillashaw even quicker at 135-pounds.

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Henry Cejudo got the job done against T.J. Dillashaw in just 32-seconds at UFC Fight Night 143, and the reigning flyweight champion believes he would look even more dominant at 135-pounds.

When asked about his thoughts on a rematch with Dillashaw at bantamweight, this was ‘The Messenger’s’ response:

“Maybe I’m gonna finish him quicker,” Cejudo said in a joking manner at a recent media scrum in Brazil.

Cejudo dropped Dillashaw several times at UFC Fight Night 143, before referee Kevin MacDonald was forced to intervene and put a stop to the action.

Dillashaw, however, is furious with the result and believes the fight was stopped too early.

“This is not right. It’s complete bullsh-t. I’m completely effing bitter right now. I’m pretty pissed off. I worked my ass off, bro. I’m about to f—ng cry. I put in a lot of work,” Dillashaw said.

The two-time bantamweight champ has been campaigning hard for a rematch and, as of now, Cejudo seems open to the idea. In fact, speaking to Ariel Helwani last month, Cejudo, an Olympic gold medallist, said Dillashaw needs to accept the rematch in order to raise his ‘stock.’

“You lost your juice man, you lost your juice, you lost to me. I’m your next fight and everybody knows that. Unless you avenge your loss to me, your stock market went down.”