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MMA fighter turned white supremacist released after jail time for brothel raid

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The ‘Red Tarazan’ was released despite being sentenced to 3.5 years in March 2018. 

Vyacheslav Datsik, a former MMA fighter turned Russian ultranationalist, has been released from jail after serving time for attacking a brothel.

Dastsik’s arrest took place shortly after he declared a “war on prostitutes” in May 2016. He broke into a small hotel that also functioned as a brothel and began to record the scene with his camera. Flanked by accomplices, Datsik intimidated 12 sex workers and an alleged client and forced them to march naked through the streets of St. Petersburg to the police station.

”F***ing whores,” Datsik yelled into the camera during the raid. “They infect the last white men of our nation with HIV. The whole country will watch you, whores. As for the pimps, we will wring their necks. Rusiches! If you know where’s a whorehouse, call the police and tell the police to file them all.”

Once Datsik was detained by police, he was transferred to a pre-trial detention unit to await his sentence. In March 2018, he was found guilty of hooliganism, breaking and entering, and a “premeditated attack on the health of others.” It was also established the Datsik had stolen 50,000 rubles from the brothel. The former fighter was sentenced to 3.5 years in a maximum security prison. He was released on Monday, February 25, 2019 after the district court reversed the initial ruling due to an “expired statute of limitations.”

“Datsik is subject to release from custody having served the sentence,” the St. Petersburg court system’s press office said on Monday.

According to reports, controversial Russian celebrity Stas Baretsky was waiting outside the prison for Dastsik. The gravedigger-turned-singer was armed with a Kalshnikov. The two men embraced and then set off for St. Petersburg in a limousine.