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Derrick Lewis: Junior dos Santos is ‘the weakest guy that I’m gonna fight’

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UFC heavyweight contender Derrick Lewis does not think too highly of former heavyweight champion Junior dos Santos.

Since losing to former champion Stipe Miocic in 2017, Junior dos Santos has gotten himself back on the winning track with two straight victories. He will be looking to extend this streak next Saturday, when he faces number three-ranked Derrick Lewis.

Coming into the fight, Lewis is confident he will get to take out another veteran of the sport.

“He’s probably the weakest guy that I’m gonna fight out of the guys that I’ve fought before. He’s probably like the fifth or the sixth guy,” Lewis told reporter Helen Yee (transcript via MMA Fighting). “I don’t think he’s the toughest guy I’ve ever fought so we’ll see on March 9th.”

Lewis is aware about the high chances of getting knocked out with one shot as a heavyweight. But at the same time, he is assured he will get to dictate the fight’s pace and end it in his own terms.

“It’s like I say all the time, it’s the heavyweight division. It doesn’t matter if the guys a black belt or if he’s a world-class boxer. We still have a 50-50 chance. We’re heavyweights, so it’s just gonna take one punch,” Lewis said.

“... Really, [I’ll end the fight] whatever round I want. If I want to end the fight in the first, I’ll end the fight in the first. If I want to end the fight in the fifth, I’ll end the fight then. So it’s just whenever I get ready to.”

Lewis and dos Santos will headline the UFC’s event in Wichita, Kansas on March 9th.