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UFC 235’s Mickey Gall: ‘Joe Schilling would beat the s--t out of’ Israel Adesanya

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UFC welterweight Mickey Gall says Israel Adesanya’s Kryptonite is Joe Schilling.

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Mickey Gall knows all about preferential treatment, and he says Israel Adesanya is not as good as the UFC wants you to believe.

Gall told Bloody Elbow that Joe Schilling (3-5) would wipe the floor with Adesanya (16-0).

“I’m not sold on Adesanya. I think my boy Joe Schilling would beat the s—t out of Adesanya,” Gall exclaimed. “He is definitely a good kickboxer, but I think he is getting fast-tracked for sure. I can’t really hate on because I’m a fast-tracked guy myself.”

The 27-year-old New Jersey native had the gall — sorry — to double down on his prediction.

“If I had to keep it real, yes, ‘Stitch ‘em Up’ Joe Schilling will smoke Adesanya.”

Schilling and Adesanya both found success during their kickboxing tenures, including various GLORY tournament wins. The success it not so comparable inside the world of MMA. Schilling has only won three of his eight professional MMA fights and currently stands 2-2 in Bellator. Adesanya is perfect across 15 professional MMA fights, most recently defeating all-time great Anderson Silva at UFC 234.

Gall (5-1) meets Diego Sanchez (28-11) at UFC 235 on Saturday, March 2. Click on the full interview above to hear Gall’s predictions on his bout with Sanchez, how he believes the CM Punk fight will define his legacy, and more.