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Kron Gracie: I believe the earth is flat, but no one really knows until you get in a rocket

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UFC’s Kron Gracie spoke about his flat earth theory.

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Kron Gracie had an impressive UFC debut, easily dispatching Alex Caceres in just a little two minutes. With him being the first member of his legendary family to win in the UFC in about two decades, the spotlight has naturally turned towards the undefeated BJJ black belt.

The 30-year-old spoke to ESPN about his win, and was also eventually asked about his past statements about a flat earth. Gracie seemed hesitant to discuss the topic, but did briefly speak about his theory.

“Yeah, I believe the earth is flat,” Gracie said. “It is what it is. People will always try to say something. I’m not trying to promote the flat earth and try to push it — really I don’t even want to talk about it. Ultimately, no one really knows. Until you get into a rocket and you can fly up and really see, but I just have some doubts on some of these things.

“I just don’t know if there’s enough information for me to believe that the earth is spinning. I don’t even want to get in it too much.”

Gracie didn’t seem too comfortable expounding on his beliefs on that outlet, but two years ago, he went on a podcast with a fellow jiujitsu expert and known conspiracy buff in Eddie Bravo. That’s where Gracie went all out to talk about flat earth theories and his “fight for the truth.”

“From what I’ve collected in the universe, from what I’ve seen,” Gracie started. “I think there’s more things proving that the earth is flat, than it is spinning at a million miles per hour — or actually 666 per hour, which is f—king interesting...

“You’re telling me that we’re spinning, and we’re spinning around the sun, and the sun is shooting down this f—king shit, and we’re just sitting here chillin’ on this podcast like no big deal?? That’s always been crazy to me,” he continued. “It was just a baffling thing to try and grasp. So now I understand, and I really believe that the earth is flat, more so than the earth is round”

What Kron brought up about not feeling the earth’s constant rotational speed is really just similar to how people on a highway don’t really “feel” that they’re also moving at the exact same speed as the car until there’s rapid changes to it.

Basic science can easily explain a lot of their initial questions that led to them seeking “the truth,” but you can’t really say the same for the outrageous conclusions and theories a lot of these celebrities and athletes have been coming up with lately. For one, Gracie somehow concluded that it’s more likely that we’re living in a “big eye” than a round earth.

Gracie isn’t the only UFC fighter who believes the earth is flat. Justin Ledet recently took a plane to Brazil saying he wanted to win his fight and spread the truth about flat earth there. He was knocked out in 15 seconds.