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Askren: If Colby Covington doesn’t fight, no one in the world will shed a tear

UFC newcomer Ben Askren continues to throw grenades at Colby Covington.

UFC welterweight contender Colby Covington has not been happy with his title shot snub. So much so that he has repeatedly lambasted UFC president Dana White, while continuously urging the company executives to release him from his contract.

Covington’s words and behavior had already turned him into an abrasive character for many. And for newly-signed UFC welterweight Ben Askren, the idea of “Chaos” fading into obscurity would actually do the MMA world a favor.

“Colby’s got no skills. He’s gotta fight,” Askren said on Monday’s UFC 235 media day with Tyron Woodley (transcript by If he doesn’t fight, I don’t think one person in the whole world will shed a tear. Like, thank god that era is over.

“I think the UFC made it more than it was, because if you look at any of his social media he doesn’t have that many followers. There was never that much of a ‘We want to see Colby!’ It just wasn’t there. It was staged.”

If Woodley does emerge victorious against Kamaru Usman this Saturday, Askren expects him to deal with Covington, next.

“I think that’s the obvious next fight for Tyron. It’s an easy one, too,” he said. “Who doesn’t like easy money?”

Askren will be making his UFC debut at UFC 235, where he takes on former champion Robbie Lawler.