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Nick Diaz was all over Instagram reacting to Georges St-Pierre’s retirement

Check out Nick Diaz’s various comments about Georges St-Pierre’s retirement.

On Thursday, Georges St-Pierre announced his retirement from mixed martial arts competition. The two-division champion says it was a tough decision that took “discipline,” but he’s glad to leave combat sports on his own terms, and in good health.

His former rival Nick Diaz took to social media to react to the news, starting out by congratulating St-Pierre for leaving while still physically able. He first commented on a post, before writing on his own Instagram stories “Congrats nice to see someone leave well enough alone for once.”

That congratulatory tone started to change, and Diaz went all over Instagram to talk about St-Pierre with that apparent randomness that he’s known for.

He commented on a different Instagram post to talk about drug testing, before also writing more on his own account.

“B—ch had worse nights out there than I ever did enjoy,” Diaz commented.

“Did he get both of those from cozcheck fitch or Joneys bitch ass,” Diaz wrote on his Instagram stories, following it with needle, muscle, and laughing emojis.

He then posted two more Instagram stories about St-Pierre. “(GSP) fights like a b—ch and always has,” Diaz wrote. “I fought him and he cheats to fuck your b—ch ass sport I fight for real and I won I don’t play ball life’s not a game the UFC is.”

He went from that, to seemingly complimenting the bout between St-Pierre and Thomas Denny from 2003.

Diaz and St-Pierre fought back in 2013, with GSP defending his title with a complete shut out on the scorecards. While still popular, both are effectively retired at this point.