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Dana White on GSP’s retirement: He’s one of the greatest of all-time, ‘put Canada on the MMA map’

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UFC president Dana White hails Georges St-Pierre as one of the most accomplished fighters of all-time.

Toronto Maple Leafs v Montreal Canadiens Photo by Minas Panagiotakis/Getty Images

Well, it’s official. UFC legend Georges St-Pierre has retired from mixed martial arts.

The former welterweight and middleweight champion announced his retirement at Thursday’s press conference in his hometown of Quebec, Canada, stating that he’s ‘very happy’ to walk away from the sport at this late stage of his career.

“There’s no tears. I’m very happy to do it,” St-Pierre said earlier today. “It was a long process in my mind, but it’s time to do it. I always said I want to retire on my own, and not to be told to retire. It takes discipline to retire on top.”

UFC president Dana White was also present for the media conference, and the head promoter had nothing but praise for St-Pierre.

Speaking to reporters, White hailed ‘Rush’ as one of the greatest pound-for-pound fighters of all-time and credited the former UFC star for putting Canada on the MMA map.

“Georges has cemented his legacy as one of the pound-for-pound greatest fighters ever,” White said. “He beat all the top guys during his welterweight title reign and even went up a weight class to win the middleweight championship. He spent years as one of the biggest names in MMA and remains one of the best ambassadors for the sport. He put Canada on the MMA map.”

St-Pierre retires with not just one, but two UFC world titles to his name and a legacy as the greatest welterweight champion of all-time.