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MMA Squared: How to break the Curse of Cain Velasquez

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When his knee buckled, we all knew the curse had struck again. But how do we put a stop to the madness?

Ever since defeating Brock Lesnar, Cain Velasquez has been cursed by the MMA Gods and beset with injury. I hope we’ve learned to never again kill the golden goose (yak? buffalo? what animal is Brock?).

Maybe the pressure of four million eyeballs was too much for his knees.

But when Cain crumpled to the ground and cried out that his knee was hurt (AGAIN), it became clear. He could not overcome this alone. To break the curse, a sacrifice must be made.

Daniel Cormier, button up that polo shirt and tuck it into your sweatpants. Revenge is the only way. Fabricio Werdum got away, but Francis Ngannou is ripe for the picking. Avenge your brother in combat, and release Cain from the MMA Gods’ curse.

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