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Video: Michael Page and Paul Daley mostly just grapple to a decision at Bellator 216

Check out the full fight video highlights of Michael Page vs. Paul Daley from the Bellator 216 main event.

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Michael “Venom” Page just won a grapple-heavy decision over Paul Daley in the Bellator 216 main event. The bout started incredibly slow, and took a weird turn when Daley starting shooting takedowns. The two knockout artists spent a lot of the fight in close range, but it turned out to be a pretty competitive matchup nonetheless. MVP is now an unblemished 14-0 in is career and moves on to face two-time 170-pound champion Douglas Lima to the next round of Bellator’s welterweight Grand Prix.

Check out Tim Burke’s play-by-play of the fourth round of Michael Page vs. Paul Daley:

Round 4 - MVP comes forward right away and lands a right to the head and body. Daley got his bell rung apparently, so he dives in on a takedown and gets it. This is not what people signed up for, but he’s gotta do what he’s gotta do. Daley is in Page’s full guard, trying to land shots but not succeeding. Page is attempting to posture up and frames up a triangle. Daley backs out and lands a spinning back fist as Page comes up. Page lands a jump knee. He gets a takedown. Two lefts score. He grinds it out on top. 10-9 Page.

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