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Bellator 216 results and video: ‘MVP’ edges out grappling-heavy decision over Paul Daley

Michael Page just won a unanimous decision over Paul Daley in the Bellator 216 main event.

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The second event of Bellator’s double header is in the books! The top of the Bellator 216 billing was just graced with an opening round welterweight Grand Prix matchup between lethal strikers Michael Page and Paul Daley. Lethal strikers, yes, however the British fighters spent a lot of time grappling it out in a rather competitive affair. At the end of the day, it was MVP who earned the unanimous decision victory. Page now advances to the next round of Bellator’s welterweight Grand Prix to face former two-time champ Douglas Lima.

The bout started with MVP taking the center of the cage as Daley was content to circle along against the cage. Tons of feinting occurred with very few strikes being thrown, causing the crowd to get a bit restless. MVP was the aggressor, if that’s the right word, for the entire round. Daley might not have thrown a single strike that round.

MVP clipped his opponent in the face with an up-kick to open the second round. Daley responded by coming forward, and believe it or not, he started looking for the takedown. MVP ended up escaping a few attempts, but eventually conceded the takedown, and spent a descent chunk of time on the bottom that round.

The straight punches of MVP hit their target early in the third act. Again, Daley shot in for the takedown, and after some initial defense, MVP ended up on his back. After a bit of controlling his opponent, Daley began to land some significant ground strikes. To MVP’s credit, he did make it back to his feet before the round ended.

MVP pressed forward in the fourth round, jousting Daley with straight punches. Daley showed off his veteran savvy by changing levels and putting MVP on the ground yet again. Page made it back to his feet without sustaining any serious damage, and proceeded to clip Daley with a mean flying knee. Daley botched a toss and wound up on the bottom of Page, and remained there until the bell sounded.

Daley marched himself into the clinch to open the final frame, and instantly found himself a takedown. A couple of punches landed for Daley before he hunted for a guillotine, but MVP fought it off and stood back to his feet. Almost out of nowhere, MVP slickly took the back of Daley from the clinch. Daley made it back to his feet, but not before several elbows landed cleanly for MVP. Daley botched another takedown to finish up the fight on bottom.

Michael Page def. Paul Daley by unanimous decision (48-47 x3): Welterweight GP

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