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Bellator 216 video recap: Michael Page outpoints Paul Daley in lackluster fight

At Bellator 216, Michael ‘Venom’ Page defeated Paul Daley to advance to the semi-finals of the Bellator welterweight grand prix.

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Michael ‘Venom’ Page defeated Paul Daley by unanimous decision in a somewhat uneventful fight to advance to the semi-finals of the Bellator welterweight world grand prix.

What was the high point of the fight?

It was a very slow first round, neither men threw any significant strikes as Page pressed Daley around the cage but “Semtex” was hesitant to engage in any exchanges. After an unsuccessful attempt to take Page down, Daley eventually secured a takedown midway through the second round and he finally began to land some punches from a top position.

After Page landed a hard right hand, ‘MVP’ struggled to keep Daley astray as “Semtex” secured yet another takedown. Back to his feet, Page landed a flying knee that hurt Daley. A good reversal saw Daley take Page down again in the fifth round, but ‘MVP’ eventually found himself on top and landed some good elbows after almost securing a rear-naked choke.

Where do these two go frohere?

The win means Page will face Douglas Lima in the semi-final of the grand prix, Lima defeated Andrey Koreshkov in September of last year to advance to the next round. In his post-fight interview, Page said Daley ‘didn’t come to fight.’ and said it will be an ‘honour’ to share the cage in the next round with Lima.

This is the first time Daley has picked up consecutive losses since 2011. It’s a disappointing one to take for Daley as he is now out of the grand prix, so a fight with Koreshkov who also got knocked out in the first round is one that makes sense to make.

Watch it now, later or never?

You won’t miss much, but watch it now to see a fight full of gritty takedown attempts and little action in general.