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Jon Jones to Cain Velasquez: ‘My heavyweight days are inevitable’

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Oh yeah, Jon Jones is talking about a heavyweight move again.

Jon Jones is well aware of Cain Velasquez’s recent comments that he’d beat him.

Velasquez, who is set to fight Francis Ngannou in Sunday’s UFC Phoenix main event, told TMZ earlier this week that he was interested in taking on the current UFC light heavyweight champion.

“I think I could [beat him]” Velasquez said. “I think I’m good enough. Jon Jones, he’s an amazing athlete. I’ve watched him in all of his fights, I know what he’s capable of. Again, every guy poses a great challenge, I think he does as well. I think I could beat him, yeah.”

It took a couple of days, but Jones has responded through Instagram.

“Your confidence is going to have to be on lock in order to beat me my guy,” Jones wrote. “Can’t be talking about ‘I think I can.’ I feed off picograms of self-doubt, and I can smell it from miles away.”

“For now let’s just focus on the fights ahead of us,” he added. “My heavyweight days are inevitable.”

Jones is fighting Anthony Smith at UFC 235 on March 2nd, and while he’s repeatedly teased a move to heavyweight, he’s never actually done it. And a trilogy with current champion Daniel Cormier at heavyweight appears to be of no interest to Jon. Perhaps if both Jones and Velasquez prevail in their respective bouts, there might be interest in seeing these two compete against each other next.