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Grappling Report: Nicky Ryan submits all his opponents en route to ADCC trials gold

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A rundown of the biggest headlines and news from the world of competitive grappling.

Nicky Ryan is not the typical 17-year-old boy. Sure, Ryan plays Fortnite, but instead of spending his weekends chasing girls, he spends them chasing gold.

Last weekend, Nicky Ryan achieved one of the most remarkable feats of his burgeoning grappling career when he defeated the likes of Kade Ruotolo and Richard Alacorn to set up an ADCC trials final against Keith Krikorian. Krikorian is perhaps the most exciting prospect in the 10th Planet system and had a very dominant 2018, where he scored an impressive list of victories. When the two up-and-comers met on the mats, there could only be one winner and that was Ryan, who won via rear strangle.

Nicky Ryan is the latest in a long line of Danaher Death Squad members to make his way to the ADCC World Championships, and he will be looking to emulate his brother Gordon Ryan’s medal haul from 2017.

Check out the full ADCC trials results below (h/t

66kg (Male)

Quarter Finals

– Nicky Ryan def. Kade Ruotolo by outside heel hook

– Richard Alarcon def. Tye Ruotolo by 2×0

– Keith Kirkorian def. Pedro Serrano by anaconda choke

– Sal Guerriero def. Junny Ocasio by 2×0


– Nicky Ryan def. Richard Alarcon by RNC

– Keith Kirkorian def. Sal Guerriero by triangle


– Nicky Ryan def. Keith Kirkorian by RNC

3rd Place

– Richard Alarcon def. Sal Guerriero by decision

77kg (Male)

Quarter Finals

– Enrico Cocco def. Thomas Keenan by 2×0

– John Combs def. Max Rohskopf by RNC

– William Tacket def. Jason Rau by 4×2

– Stephen Simms def. Nathan Orchard by 4×0


– John Combs def. Stephen Simms 3×2

– William Tacket def. Enrico Cocco by 2×0


– John Combs def. William Tacket by mounted guillotine

3rd Place

– Enrico Cocco def. Stephen Simms by 2×0

88kg (Male)

Quarter Finals

– Jon Blank def. Wes Lavine by footlock

– Josh Hinger def. H. Colvin by 8×0

– Roberto Jimenez def. Kevin Crane by kneebar

– Stanley Rosa def. Quentin Rosenzweig by straight ankle lock


– Josh Hinger def. Jon Blank by 4×0

– Stanley Rosa def. Roberto Jimenez by verbal tap (injury?)


– Josh Hinger def. Stanley Rosa by anaconda choke

3rd Place

– Jon Blank (forfeit)

99kg (Male)

Quarter Finals

– Nick Schrock def. Andy Perez 7×0

– Paul Ardila def. Erick Cruz by inside heel hook

– Manson Fowler def. Stephen Martinez by 4×0

– Diego Vazquez def. Hunter James Seide by 6×0


– Manson Fowler def. Paul Ardila by decision

– Diego Vazquez def. Nick Schrock by decision


– Manson Fowler def. Diego Vazquez by choke/crank from omoplata

3rd Place

– Paul Ardila def. Nick Schrock by 5×0

+99kg (Male)

Quarter Finals

– Casey Hellenberg def. Jimmy House by 7×0

– Nick Rodriguez def. by Jimmy Friederich by submission

– Jesseray Childrey def. Jordan Taghvai by straight ankle lock

– Jon Hansen def. Austin Baker by 5×0


– Nick Rodriguez def. Casey Hellenberg by 5×0

– Jon Hansen def. Jesseray Childrey by submission


– Nick Rodriguez def. Jon Hansen by RNC

3rd Place

– Casey Hellenberg (forfeit)

60kg (Female)

Quarter Finals

– Hannah Sharp def. Heather Raftery by decision

– Nikki Sullivan def. Danielle Kelly by submission

– Jena Bishop def. Breanna Stikkelman by submission

– Erin Herle def. Fabiana Jorge by 6×0


– Jena Bishop def. Erin Herle by RNC

– Nikki Sullivan def. Hannah Sharp by 2×0


– Jenna Bishop def. Nikki Sullivan by 2×0

3rd Place

– N/A

+60kg (Female)

Quarter Finals

– Elisabeth Clay def. Christina Hansen by submission

– Amanda Leve def. Paige Borras by 2×0

– Nicole Evangelista def. Raquel Canuto by submission

– Maggie Grindatti def. Monique Ricardo Carvalho by 5×0


– Amanda Leve def. E. Clay by submission

– Maggie Grindatti def. Nicole Evangelista by 3×0


– Amanda Leve def. Maggie Grindatti by flying triangle/armbar

3rd Place

– Elisabeth Clay def. Nicole Evangelista by submission


Third Coast Grappling have added another big match to their upcoming card. UFC submission specialist Gilbert “Durinho” Burns is set to face former ADCC champion Romulo Barral. Barral is one of the best of his generation, so it will be interesting to see what Burns can bring to the table in such a highly-anticipated match.

ATOS vs. GF Team is set for February 23rd and the competing members of each academy have been announced. The standout matchup is the 88kg clash between Keenan Cornelius and Dante Leon. Whichever team wins the most matches on the night takes home $15,000.

Polaris 9 has another exciting match set as Tom Halpin has signed on to face Ethan Crelinsten. Crelinsten is a member of Firas Zahabi’s Tristar team and has been a force on the grappling scene in recent years. Crelinsten his supplemented his grappling training with stints with John Danaher at the Renzo Gracie academy, so his grappling background is as strong as they come. Halpin was largely self taught in his formative grappling years, but worked a lot with Cyborg Abreu as he went up the ranks and eventually earned a black belt off the Brazilian.


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