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Referee Marc Goddard explains stoppage in Jimmy Crute vs. Sam Alvey UFC 234 fight

Marc Goddard has spoken on his stoppage in the Jimmy Crute vs. Sam Alvey fight at UFC 234 last weekend.

UFC 213: Nunes vs Shevchenko Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images

Experienced MMA referee Marc Goddard has explained his decision to stop the fight between Jimmy Crute and Sam Alvey this past weekend at UFC 234.

Goddard was criticised for his stoppage when Alvey put his thumb up to indicate he was ok whilst Crute was throwing down punches from a top position. After stopping the fight, Alvey came straight back up to his feet and protested the call. Looking back on the fight, Goddard admitted when he spoke to MMA Fighting there were some things he didn’t quite spot originally.

“It wasn’t one, two or three shots I’m jumping in and stopping,” Goddard said. “It was 16. Sixteen shots. And at that point, I’m taking into assessment, I think he’s hurt and not recovered from the original knockdown. I think he’s hurt, I see his head on the mat, I see the shots coming in and I make my call.

“At the same time, as I’m doing that, people are saying, ‘Didn’t you see Sam’s thumb up?’ No, I didn’t. Wholly and honestly, I didn’t see his thumb up, because his arm is outstretched and my focus, my vision is on where these shots are trying to land.”

After the event concluded UFC president Dana White said Goddard did a ‘really, really bad job’ calling the fight on the weekend, and the referee admitted himself that if he could play the fight through again, he would have let Crute land another few shots before calling the stoppage.

“Yes, I know that Sam obviously jumped straight back up, obviously demonstrating to me and telling me he’s OK, but at that point the fight is called,” Goddard said. “And you know what? Going back and looking at it again, if I could run it back again, yeah I would have taken a half step back. I would have let another two shots or three shots play out. And I’m gonna put it down to a mistake. I’m big and ugly enough to do that.”