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Former UFC champ Chris Weidman says Israel Adesanya is ‘a tad bit overrated’

The former UFC champion didn’t seem too impressed about Israel Adesanya’s win.

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After catching up with the main event at UFC 234, Chris Weidman gave his thoughts on the bout that had implications on the top of the division he once ruled. The former UFC middleweight champion praised his former opponent in Anderson Silva, but didn’t seem to be too impressed with the actual winner in Israel Adesanya.

Weidman also brought up how Silva lost to Michael Bisping — another fighter he’s repeatedly said he isn’t impressed with — in a pure striking contest.

Australian UFC vet Damien Brown came to Adesanya’s defense as well, asking if Weidman is simply angling for a bout with the now 16-0 rising star.

Weidman last competed at UFC 230, where he was knocked out by Jacare Souza in the third round. Although still currently ranked one spot above Adesanya, Weidman has lost four of his last five bouts, dating back to when he lost his belt in 2015.