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UFC 234 Video: Donald Cerrone and Tai Tuivasa do a shoey out of Cowboy’s boot

When in Australia, do as Tai Tuivasa does.

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Donald Cerrone will drink a beer out of just about anything. “Cowboy” was cage side in Melbourne for UFC 234 and opted to take part in a popular Australian ritual: the shoey.

Cerrone, 35, filled his own cowboy boot with a cool and refreshing beer. The UFC camera’s panned to the 47-fight veteran who proceeded to guzzle down the contents of his boot. Light-heavyweight Tyson Pedro was there to cheer him on.

It’s bad enough that Cerrone swigged beer from his sweaty boot, but what followed was even more stomach-churning. The King of the Shoey, Tai Tuivasa, riled up the live audience before dumping another beer in Cerrone’s boot. The UFC heavyweight, 25, then slurped up the beer and whatever else was steeping in Cerrone’s boot.

UFC commentator Jon Anik noted how Cerrone’s luggage was accidentally shipped to Austria instead of Australia. That means Cerrone may have been walking around in the same boots and the same socks for days.

UFC 234 took place in Melbourne, Australia on Saturday, Feb. 9. The main event featured middleweight contenders Israel Adesanya and Anderson Silva. UFC middleweight champion Robert Whittaker was expected to defend his title against Kelvin Gastelum, but was forced to pull out at the final hour for an emergency surgery.

Author’s note: I may be teasing Cerrone and Tuivasa for this nasty, nasty, but I am not beyond chugging beer from a dirty boot. YOLO, as the millennials says.